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Friday, 12 February 2016

First update for 2016

The new year 2016 is already old by almost one and a half months yet I could not update all this time. The reason is simply because I lack consistency in everything I do. Nevertheless, I don't want to relinquish my journey of blogging. Even if I cannot be a regular blogger, I want to be a regular blog reader. That is why I sometimes feel that I should rather call myself a blog-reader than a blogger. Anyway I won't cease to be a part of a blogger's community.

well, today, I have realized that it is high time for me to acknowledge our government for its unfaltering support and extravagant expenditure for my education since only a few months are left to complete my graduation. I am deeply grateful to you my country. Not only have I received free and quality education, I have also got exposure, experiences, knowledge and many more. And this is all because of you my country.

It's been exactly sixteen years I have been studying since my zero grade and I didn't face any major setbacks all these years just because of you, my country. Having born in such a heavenly place was a sheer blessing and luck. To the outside world, you may be one among the poor but for us, your denizens, you are the richest of all.

Let the outsiders label you as penniless. We are not ashamed of it..Rather we get annoyed for making a wrong judgement on you because in reality you have adequate resources and money but you spend for the well-being of your people and make your people's lives comfortable and easy. We are extremely proud of you, my country.

You have served me till this stage where I can now stand on my own feet and face any sorts of challenges and obstacles that come my way. And hence I shall serve you with all my heart, with full devotion and sincerity. I shall be a true citizen of you. I pledge that I shall serve tsa-wa-sum(people, country and the king) earnestly. I herewith supplicate my god almighty for your truest and unwavering blessings so that I can accomplish all my goals and objectives.

                                                                Thank you....


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