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Friday, 12 February 2016

First update for 2016

The new year 2016 is already old by almost one and a half months yet I could not update all this time. The reason is simply because I lack consistency in everything I do. Nevertheless, I don't want to relinquish my journey of blogging. Even if I cannot be a regular blogger, I want to be a regular blog reader. That is why I sometimes feel that I should rather call myself a blog-reader than a blogger. Anyway I won't cease to be a part of a blogger's community.

well, today, I have realized that it is high time for me to acknowledge our government for its unfaltering support and extravagant expenditure for my education since only a few months are left to complete my graduation. I am deeply grateful to you my country. Not only have I received free and quality education, I have also got exposure, experiences, knowledge and many more. And this is all because of you my country.

It's been exactly sixteen years I have been studying since my zero grade and I didn't face any major setbacks all these years just because of you, my country. Having born in such a heavenly place was a sheer blessing and luck. To the outside world, you may be one among the poor but for us, your denizens, you are the richest of all.

Let the outsiders label you as penniless. We are not ashamed of it..Rather we get annoyed for making a wrong judgement on you because in reality you have adequate resources and money but you spend for the well-being of your people and make your people's lives comfortable and easy. We are extremely proud of you, my country.

You have served me till this stage where I can now stand on my own feet and face any sorts of challenges and obstacles that come my way. And hence I shall serve you with all my heart, with full devotion and sincerity. I shall be a true citizen of you. I pledge that I shall serve tsa-wa-sum(people, country and the king) earnestly. I herewith supplicate my god almighty for your truest and unwavering blessings so that I can accomplish all my goals and objectives.

                                                                Thank you....


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hopes of the youth in Bhutan.

Our country is proclaimed as" THE LAND OF GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS OR THE LAST SHANGRI-LA" in the world. Yes, it is agreeable and prideful. But the questions are: Where do the hopes of thousands of youth lie? Where do the hopes of poor people lie in such a blissful land? 

Every year,hundreds and thousands of youth hit the job market either on completion of bachelor degrees, higher studies and middle studies. But are there ample jobs for them? The answer is a very big"NO."So obviously, the youth in our country have a very little hope(s). And above all, the most disheartening and at the same time the most exasperating thing is government's cunning to send those unemployed youth back to villages and work in the field. Doesn't it sound ridiculous?

Why do parents send their children to schools?
Why do parents travail? why do parents spend every penny for their children's education? Why do they take loans? Why do they merchandise their lands and cattle? Why most of the parents don't have back accounts? Why their wallets become empty?

The answer is simply because they have hopes and aspirations greater than their greed, greater than their pains and struggles, on their children. They have a strong hope that someday their children will get a good job and look after them. Having this overwhelming hope,every parent spends all they have for their children's education. 

 But very dishearteningly, government brings down the hopes of both the parents and children and shatter their dreams. I am not saying that our government is being irresponsible. I know they are trying their best to provide every opportunity they have in hand and also create and explore every possible way to give them a job. Yet they have miles to go and lots to do in order to resolve the unemployment problem and raise the hopes of both the parents and children.

Please, government, I beseech you not to send our educated youth back to village. It will break the parents' hearts. It is entirely against their dreams and aspirations. Why would one spend so much for the education if the final destination is home itself?There are no such lunatic parents who send their children to school with the purpose of bringing back to home after completion of studies. No.No one.

Do something, government. There is nothing you can't do. Let not the youth grimace and curse you. Give them smiles. Give them hopes and let them live upto their parents' expectations. Don't let their hopes die. Do something before our youth turn into hooligans. 

                                               Thank you...

Friday, 9 October 2015

Journey resumed..

"LOVE" is something inevitable, inexpressible yet free-flowing. Everyone wants it but not everyone gets it. And those  who get it do not value it. Love is contradictory in itself. Love comes at anytime and at any stage of our lives. While it gives some, a meaning to live, it gives some, a reason to leave the world behind. Yet despite all its circumstances and consequences we cling ourselves onto its fringe.

When I was not so matured, I always would perceive that love is just feeling good about few out of many. But after I was physically. mentally and psychologically matured, I have experienced and  realized that love is more than simply liking people. It is something deep and confounding.

Love usually happens in teenage, so did it for me as well. I had kicked off my journey of love when I was in grade ix albeit it wasn't a good start. Since then, I had experienced the nightmares of love and walked through the thorns of love rather than reaping the fruits and appreciating the beauty of love.

I was betrayed. I was torn out apart. I was wounded and I was tired of loving. And all my dreams got shattered into pieces. Having experienced the bitterness and pinch of love, I decided to cease the journey since it was a tiresome and painful journey I was making.

I was jaded of love and lost my faith in love. I believed no longer in love because it gave me merely the pains and rue. But something happened in my life just recently. Something unexpected. Something doubtful yet delightful. I don't know if it was gods intention to hurt me more or to pay back those debts of love that I had given to a few lasses before in my life. About it, I am still in the air.

To be straightforward, I have met a girl who looks innocent, kind and a girl of my type. She says the words which I have long forgotten, which I have yearned to listen and which make me hopeful and cheerful. She seems to love me as much as I do for her. But despite our strong feelings for each other, I still have misgivings on the journey I am making with her. I wish she is the girl of my destiny. And I pray that gods and goddesses accompany us in our journey and make our journey a great success and memorable.

May god hear my prayers and grant my wishes. May no obstruction come into our way and may I have an endless and joyful journey with my new love. Holding onto the rays of hope, I have decided to resume the journey of my love.

                                                       THANK YOU ALL....

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

How we should celebrate the Blessed Rainy Day....

Ever since I started blogging, I have never left my blog unfed or unattended every month. Although I am unable to maintain consistency in blogging I always have my blog updated every month at least with a piece of work.But I never leave all the works of other ardent bloggers unvisited. In fact reading blogs of others is my daily ritual and I relish every piece of peerless bloggers who I have followed.

Usually I used to update my blog within the mid of a month but this time I am quite late . Do you know why?? Of course you will not know because none of us are clairvoyant. I just wanted to make you all crack your brain for a moment. :) Here I tell you why I am late to update my blog this month unlike previous months. Blessed Rainy Day falls in September and I know nothing to do on this occasion. All I do is remain cuddled in my bed and snore like a pig. Blessed Rainy day during my childhood and blessed Rainy day during my adulthood has entirely changed. Back then, I used to have fun with my family and friends. But now staying away from my family, and also due to the way of my living style, it doesn't affect me much. In fact, I feel it like a normal day only. So I have waited deliberately until this day, 22-09-2015 to celebrate the traditional festival with my blog. And I apologize for being too late.

Bhutanese people may have awaited today's occasion anxiously while on the other hand those innocent animals like pigs, chicken, goats, cows, oxen must have experienced nightmares since the start of this month. Religiously, today's festival is a holly day but we the Bhutanese people take it other way round. The way people celebrate is sheer inhuman. As far as I know, Buddha has marked this day as " Blessed Rainy Day" not to celebrate ourselves with meats and drinks but to cleanse off our defilement and sins amassed by body, speech and mind. If we mull over its significance, it is the privilege as well as a seldom opportunity bestowed by the Buddha to the human realm to rid off our sins and amass merits as much as we can. But what we do is just the upside- down.

Someone's happiness can be someone else's sorrow and and someone's benefits can be someone else's loss and vice versa. Why do I state these is because during such occasion butchers and meat dealers can make a good profit but their happiness and benefits are pain and suffering for those innocent animals whose fleshes and bones would be distilled apart for sales. Can you imagine yourself being one of those animals whose fleshes must have been roasted, whose bones must have been chopped of to small pieces and whose blood must have been drunk by dogs and birds and fed upon by flies? I really can't imagine. Being born in the Buddhist country and being the Buddhism practitioners, we ought to respect our religion by respecting the lives of innocent animals. But I don't mean that we should not celebrate the day. Yes. It is meant to be celebrated but the thing is we are celebrating wrongly. Enjoy with families and friends. Have fun to your heart-content but not at the cost of others' lives and happiness.
Anyway let me wind up here by wishing all my bloggers, friends all around and my families afar A very Happy Blessed Rainy Day...Have fun......N take care>>>>

                                              Thank you....

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mispronunciation leads to misspelling of words

Today, what prompted me to write specifically on this subject was, as I was scrolling down the facebook page, my sight was caught by the picture of one of my relatives with a caption. You know how she has written the caption? The caption was like this'Just for tempast'. I knew she meant to say 'just for time pass' but due to her mispronunciation, she has written like that.
Usually, such thing is only expected from the uneducated people like villagers. They normally pronounce the word 'time'
as 'tem'. This is how the mispronunciation leads to misspelling of a word.

 Therefore, it is imperative to pronounce every word correctly so that chances of misspelling the words are very less. It so happens that we spell a word according to the way we pronounce. But pronunciation differs from person to person though the right/correct pronunciation of every word is reflected in the dictionary. However, we limit ourselves to learning and exploring new things. We are simply sated with what we are and what we have. keeping aside the nonsense of mine, I particularly perceive that we ought to learn the correct pronunciation of words as to avoid errors in the spelling because when words are being mis-spelt, the intended meaning cannot be imparted to others. And also it will bring a disgrace on ourselves being an educated people. Yes, it is to some extent acceptable that we will make mistakes while doing things and writing something. But do you find it reasonable making silly mistake in just a few lines? I don't think it is reasonable. It simply depicts ones carelessness. Like wise I have come across so many misspelled words. And I believe such errors occur on account of  mispronunciation.

When I say like this, it doesn't mean I am perfect in everything. I am just raising my concerns. I know nothing can be done impeccably because nobody is perfect in this world, may be only the Budhha. It is rightly said "People who made no mistake made no discovery" This means mistakes are indisputably a part of our life and a key to success. But we should
know that too much mistakes will ruin our lives. You all might have a bitter experience on how a small mistake makes our lives
frustrated and mournful. In fact, mistakes are the main causes of regrets and sorrow. Do you agree?
Anyhow, I urge everyone to learn the right pronunciation of words so that we won't make mistakes in the spelling  while writing.

                                                   Thank you all..

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tribute to our Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

This year,2015 is exceptionally special for all the Bhutanese citizens as the nation celebrates a 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the fourth King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Preparations are in full swing. People are at the top of exhilaration as the momentous occasion draws nearer and nearer to the door step. In fact, the nation has already commenced celebrating by carrying out many vital activities like marking this year as a national reading year dedicating to His Majesty.

And also Bhutan entered into the Guinness World Record by planting 49,672 saplings within an hour bringing the broadest smiles on the faces of the Bhutanese people. I too was overwhelmed by such phenomenal success. Likewise so many important events have taken place and are still  taking place throughout the country as a tribute to His Majesty the fourth king. Therefore, I also want to offer my heart-felt tribute and gratitude to His Majesty through words.

Happy 60th birthday your Majesty.

To call you a great king
Reasons are endless.
You are priceless
You are selfless
You are peerless
You are fearless.

You are not an ordinary
You are visionary
You are legendary
You are exemplary.
Your deeds are extraordinary.

You are adorable
Your kindness is immeasurable
Your people are never miserable
Your nation is stable.

You gave people a reason to laugh
You taught people how to confront a tough
You advise not to be rough
Because you never are rough . 

You are bright
You brought the light
When country was in night
Now same are the day and night!

The world is brimful of your fame
While people are known by your name
Proclaiming as a Bhutanese is not a shame
It rather is a pride!!!

Those sacrifices you made for the people and nation
We shall remember and revere
For everything you have done for us
We shall remain indebted for you
For your long life
We shall pray with all our hearts.
Long live our great hero! 

                                                Thank you...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Trust is merely in the dictionary...

We talk so much about trust. We use it in our conversations. We use it in our writings. But do we really know what it means? Not to mention, perceptions differ from person to person. Hence the definition of it will depend on one's perception and understanding. For me, trust is a confidence that we have on somebody with a condition that even on handing a person a knife to stab back, that person won't do. And web defines it as a 'firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something'. But more than knowing its root meaning, important thing to learn and know about it is its relevance and vitality in our lives.

Could you say how important is trust in our lives? I may get different responses which will ultimately drag myself into confusion.Better I don't ask for opinions.:) And if I say how much it is essential, it is one of the most crucial things in this universe. In deed it is a must-including ingredient without which life will be tasteless and unpalatable. Our lives will be much more fair and the world will be in true harmony if all the people dwelling on this mother Earth are trustworthy. More importantly, trust brings blissfulness in any kinds of relationships.

But the question is, Where is trust??? Trust is neither in the paradise nor in the hell. In fact,trust is nowhere in this world. Not even at home. There is no trust between the lovers, among the friends and people who share any kind of relationship. Why we lock up our homes? Why we conceal our wallets and other valuable assets? Why there are laws? Why there are border demarcations among the countries as well as among the people within? Why we feel jealous when our loved ones mingle with others? The list of questions are endless . Those aforementioned questions can be answered with one answer. And the answer is simply ' due to lack of trust.

If trust is there in the blood and nerves of every individual of the world, then the world will experience a heavenly serenity. There will be no fear in people's minds, There will be no misunderstandings and battles. United Nations Organisations would not have come into existence if trust is there in the world. There is no need to sign treaties if all the nations and people throughout the globe are trustworthy. But to my utter dismay, world is not like how I expect and wish to be.
Trust is nowhere in this world. Not in you. Not in me. Not in anyone else. Trust is merely in the dictionary.
                                                Thank you...Have a great time....