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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tribute to our Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

This year,2015 is exceptionally special for all the Bhutanese citizens as the nation celebrates a 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the fourth King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Preparations are in full swing. People are at the top of exhilaration as the momentous occasion draws nearer and nearer to the door step. In fact, the nation has already commenced celebrating by carrying out many vital activities like marking this year as a national reading year dedicating to His Majesty.

And also Bhutan entered into the Guinness World Record by planting 49,672 saplings within an hour bringing the broadest smiles on the faces of the Bhutanese people. I too was overwhelmed by such phenomenal success. Likewise so many important events have taken place and are still  taking place throughout the country as a tribute to His Majesty the fourth king. Therefore, I also want to offer my heart-felt tribute and gratitude to His Majesty through words.

Happy 60th birthday your Majesty.

To call you a great king
Reasons are endless.
You are priceless
You are selfless
You are peerless
You are fearless.

You are not an ordinary
You are visionary
You are legendary
You are exemplary.
Your deeds are extraordinary.

You are adorable
Your kindness is immeasurable
Your people are never miserable
Your nation is stable.

You gave people a reason to laugh
You taught people how to confront a tough
You advise not to be rough
Because you never are rough . 

You are bright
You brought the light
When country was in night
Now same are the day and night!

The world is brimful of your fame
While people are known by your name
Proclaiming as a Bhutanese is not a shame
It rather is a fame!!!

Those sacrifices you made for the people and nation
We shall remember and revere
For everything you have done for us
We shall remain indebted for you
For your long life
We shall pray with all our hearts.
Long live our great hero! 

                                                Thank you...

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Which place?

The place that remained unrecognized for years and years,
The place visited and blessed by numerous great saints,
The place prophesied by Guru Rinpochoe,
The place where the Buddhism had flourished like a wild fire,
The place reigned by munificent hereditary monarchs,
The place shielded by local deities,
The place where you can hear heavenly sounds,
The place where you can see amazing fortresses and shrines,
The place where the environment is serene and pristine,
The place where the triple-gem is regarded highly,
The place which is entirely sacred,
The place where denizens are benign and generous,
The place where people are so superstitious,
The place which gradually has become zoo of attraction to outside world,
The place which is lauded and appreciated for its holistic development philosophy,
So-called Gross National Happiness (GNH)
The place where I live, where I wish to be born again,
The place is “BHUTAN”-the land of Thunder Dragon
My country,
Your country
 And our country.
May god bless my motherland!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Unthoughtful decision of the government..

We are the Bhutanese and the Buddhist. All the Bhutanese people are deemed to be pious and we have a tremendous regards for the sentient beings. If asked every individual what prayer did he/she say, the response would be" I prayed for the well being of all the sentient beings". This has become the religious trend not only in our country but across the universe.

But a question rises here. Are we not wearing a false mask?? For me it seems so. In actuality or in real sense, not many people have hearts for our animals. People talk so much about sparing the lives of animals and letting them live a happy life like we the humans desire but majority of the people are not able to desist eating meats.

As a Buddhism practitioner, we all believe in the karmic link and we have a strong conviction that all animals would have been once our parents. yet such commandments do not seem to reach the hearts of so many people. I also heard that there are some people who can't take their meals without meat. I wonder what kind of people they are!

Moreover, animals have become an important part of business where millions of them are being slaughtered for sale. This vividly exudes the true nature of us, the humans. Sometimes I think that we can be also called the"human devils," because only the devils will eat fleshes and drink bloods.

It is also a thing to be mulled over when our country,Bhutan, a religious country, becomes one of the highest meat importers. Further more, it seems that our government is on its way towards setting up meat-processing units in the country. It was a dire news for me. I can see a total contradiction between being a Buddhist and the way we practice.

Anyway lets be hopeful that nothing bad comes out of their decisions and jeopardize the peace and harmony of our country and the people. More importantly, let us prove that we are the true followers of the Buddha, that our country and the people within it are all noble-minded and that we put all the sentient beings at high respect. All in all, let us be a true Buddhist.

                                              Thank you.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

life is undefinable...

Firstly I beg for forgiveness from my blogger friends and my dear blog for not being able to keep in touch with you all for quite a long time. I have been simply busy bumming around. I could not bring myself into the right track of life. At times I feel like going insane with vague thoughts. So with my getting back to blogger world, I want to share with you all what I have realized about the life.

If asked everyone,the definition of life, I am pretty sure that I can publish even a
book on just the meaning of life. Because life holds different meaning for different people, nobody can't articulate precisely like scientific terms and laws. Different tongues will taste the same food in different ways. So life has no definite meaning.

'Life is so precious. Don't waste your precious life. Do something meaningful in your precious life,' most of us used to say such things. But now I wonder why we have to unnecessarily mention the word "'PRECIOUS"' I realized that the word"Precious" exists just in the dictionary but not in our lives. Realistically nobody's life is precious. Everyone suffers in our own ways.

Our fates are different. Our faiths are different. So accordingly we live our lives the way we are destined. But one thing is for sure that nothing is permanent in this samsaric world. Life is a circling chain of suffering, happiness, sorrows, success and failures. Nobody gets to enjoy the eternal happiness and success neither the failures and sorrows.

No matter whether we are somebodies or nobodies. No matter whether we are opulent or penniless. One day we will have to pass through the same path- a path of death. It is just a matter of time. That time we all will go empty handed. So there is no meaning in amassing the heap of wealth. What is there in having mansions and pricy assets because once we step out of our homes or places we have to rely on other's shelters and properties. We can't carry with us like a snail carries its shell wherever it goes.

Therefore, knowing the true nature of life, it is always better to be contented with what we have and who we are. Only then our lives will be worth living. Now I wrap up with the best wishes for you all. Live your life in a way it should be lived. Have a great life ahead. Take care..:) :) :)


Monday, 16 March 2015

BSA 2015....

Usually BSA( Bhutanese Students Association) is held every year coinciding with the birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fifth King. But this year owing to some inconveniences, our BSA president had decided to do on March 15. So as decided we had BSA party yesterday at one of the nearby resorts.

That was my first time attending the party though I have been here for almost two years because I am not fond of parties and all such stuffs. Now you may wonder why I attended the party this time. So as to clear your doubt(s), I tell you that I attended the gathering not with the intentions of devouring three plates of food, drinking bottles of wine and staring at beautiful girls. Nothing like that. I have had merely one crucial reason for attending the party. That was to vote for my friend for the new BSA president.

 As I stepped inside the hall, I was greeted by the homely atmosphere and at least for a while I felt as though I was in our country Bhutan. Hearing the Bhutanese songs and musics, meeting with Bhutanese people, eating Bhutanese dishes and seeing a small and lovely alter, were the reasons I felt homely that time. Besides my only one purpose, gazing at girls added another purpose when I reached the venue.

The day was full of fun, joy and surprises because it was astonishing to know some of the students who we come across sometimes and thought them to be from other states are also the Bhutanese. On the contrary I even doubted that they might have come in disguise.  It could be or could not be true. I wasn't sure of it.However, it was nice meeting and seeing our Bhutanese people.

But the most elating  part of the day was our friend's victory in the president nomination. All our group friends were equally exhilarated when our friend was declared as a new BSA president. And we celebrated his victory then and there with energetic applause and squeak. Above all, the day was worth attending and my mission was accomplished. We came back with blazing smiles and satisfaction.

                                            Thank you....

Thursday, 26 February 2015


The street was  silent and serene. No people around, no honking of buses and cars, no whistling of traffic polices as we normally would hear. All I could hear and feel was the vague chirping of birds from afar and the chilly breeze of winter striking through my bony face and struggling itself to get through my wavy hair.

The place was all for myself giving me the feeling of being merely myself in the world and the entire world belonging only to me. Even the day was fine with bright sun light, its golden rays giving me the hope of living-living to the fullest embracing and rejoicing all the marvels of a world. On the contrary as I stroll all alone and aimlessly, those plants devoid of flowers and buds and the empty gardens left with remnants of perished flowers once so beautiful and lively, made me miserable and pessimistic realizing the impermanence of life. Yet with heavy heart I continued my stroll.

No destination in particular. No any specific purpose(s) to be accomplished. With no or little hope, I walked along the empty and tranquil street like a carefree child. After few hours of my restless walk, I was quite frazzled as well as lazied by the scorching sun and I resolved to  rest for awhile. I lay on the ground stretching whole of my body and breathing in the cool air. I lay faced to the clear blue sky and wished if my God Almighty could bestow me with everlasting felicity.

After reposing for sometime, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated and I got up to get back to my room. As I turned to my way, unbelievably my sight was caught by an enchanting girl just a few meters away from me and to my utter excitement and merriment, she was also heading to the same direction. The way she treads, the way her glossy hair flutters in the cool breeze, her glowing face and her flawless physique trapped me in the trap of love at the first sight. Having seen girl like her, I could not curb my mind because her angel-like beauty bewitched whole of me.

Though I was in confusion and nervousness and at the same time equally excited to the extreme, I gathered all my courage and confidence to utter her a word at least so that I would be satisfied and also ease my overflowing feelings for her. Although my heart was beating as if dying, I obliged myself to converse with her once without fearing the consequences. With blushed face, I paced up my pace and shyly bid her"Hi" and so did she. Further excited by her prompt response, I grasped an opportunity to ask for her contact number and email address. Luckily she gave away as I beseeched. And my mission was accomplished successfully. After sometime we dissipated to our own destination. As soon as I stepped inside my room, I started jumping up and screaming out of joyfulness as if I had won a  million worth of lottery.

As I was behaving stupidly and insanely, my friend woke up from his sleep and shouted at me wildly and I was brought back into reality. Only then did I realize that I was day dreaming and it was all my imaginations. Haha........


Saturday, 21 February 2015

An awkward moment

Like our clothes are woven  and embroidered at the same time by the combination of different colorful threads and finally give a beautiful outlooks, my life, your life and our lives are also made up different moments-doleful moments, cheerful moments, victorious moments, awkward moments so on and so forth and together do they give a meaning to our lives!.

In fact every second we live our life is a moment but we barely remember and cherish such insensible moments because we are busy cherishing the important moments. But the truth to be revealed is that we usually remember merely the bad things that have been done to us and we all have the tendencies to forget the good things that somebody has done for us. In the same way we would remember and reminisce those awkward moments than those cheerful moments.

To share with you all my good moments I have none. I wonder if there had been a good moment in my life. I may have had for sure but I don't remember much. But those awkward moments and distressing moments are still afresh and vivid in my mind. So let me share one of my awkward moments. It was February 14, Valentine Day as we all know. And I was invited by one of my friends to join the party at her apartment at night. Party is what I really despise in real but I could not turn down her invitation and I feigned interested and consented to join without failure.

So as agreed I went to her home with few friends. As we enter her room, we were greeted by the air of smile and beauty of balloons being adhered on the walls all around the room and I felt like I was a chief guest on that day of celebration. I felt great anyways. But my feeling of greatness and comfort was just for a while like a lightning. It vanished soon from me and I got into the world of awkwardness when it was time to slice up the cake in partners because I didn't have a partner. I just stayed at the corner and watched them cutting the cake and putting inside each other's mouth and taking shots happily. When it was my turn I had no other alternatives than to disobey them. Inside I felt really awkward and even wished if I had managed one partner so that I could also go proudly to slice the cake and exchange with my partner like my other friends.

This was one of my awkward moments and yet I relished to my heart content watching my friends drinking and dancing. All in all, the day was great and it was neither a regret nor a boredom by joining them because I enjoyed in my own way...

                                                              Thank you.